Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ontario picking winners and New Brunswick losers

Just remember, the following statement below came from a New Brunswick cabinet minister whose statist Liberal government (and province) has never EVER embraced the private sector, whether it be the IT sector, energy, forestry, consulting, agriculture or the fishery. But alas, as Keir says, the private sector -- within a free market -- will miraculously be the champion in New Brunswick when it comes to nuclear (article here):
"Let's say Ontario doesn't (choose the ACR-100), they pick Areva. The private sector here is going to say 'hold on, we'd better slow down here, because I don't want an orphan technology', but it's the private sector that's going to make that decision, not NB Power, not Francis McGuire, not Jack Keir, not our government" he said, "It's the private sector that's paying the money, it's the private sector that will pick the technology. I can clearly tell you that every indication I've been given from the private sector investors that I've talked to is that AECL is their (preferred) technology."
Not that I want to delve into their politics, but it would seem that once again the NB government has ended up with the short end of the stick because of the manner in which they played their cards (policy-wise). Although, when you lose, it's nice to blame it on something you can't control, or never believed in, like the private sector. Don't worry Jack, most of us know the real reason why.


At Jul 2, 2008, 12:53:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's almost like they're prepping the public for their certain failure.

At Jul 3, 2008, 7:20:00 AM , Blogger Kit said...

I am not familiar enough with this story. Did NB side with the French technology and now it seems AECL will win the bid?

Is Kier sort of blaming the private sector for his governments dumb choice? Never understood why a cash strapped province like NB would want two different types of nuclear reactors.

And, I would argue this government fully embraces the private sector, but only when they fail and can be bailed out and beholden to their political saviors.

At Jul 4, 2008, 2:43:00 PM , Anonymous nbt said...

"And, I would argue this government fully embraces the private sector, but only when they fail and can be bailed out and beholden to their political saviors."

Well said, kit.

Not certain about the dynamics of the deal, but if the tone is any indication, it's a zero sum game. In other words, we don't just get a nuclear reactor because we want want. We need to compete with other jurisdictions who are using the more expensive models.

At Jul 5, 2008, 8:09:00 AM , Blogger Kit said...

I have never understood the culture of reinforcing failure.
All successful business models follow the military axiom of reinforcing success.
New Brunswick seems to have a political culture that does very little for starting or successful ventures and even tends to place roadblocks in the way, difficult to get favourable loans and an almost punitive tax regime.
It behaves as though it only exists to regulate the crap out of you and catch you when you fall. This is not a culture that will lead us to self sufficiency.


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