Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ipsos Reid poll out of touch with Atlantic Canadians

Blogger Right from Alberta makes some great points regarding the latest Dominion Institute and Ipsos Reid poll, specifically part 1, called "THE PEOPLE, PLACES, EVENTS, ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND SYMBOLS THAT DEFINE CANADA." I found his Harper comments interesting:
While I am disappointed that P.E.T. comes in at #1 nationally I am impressed that our current Prime Minister, after 2.5 years in a minority government, comes in at #8, sandwiched between Tommy Douglas and Lester Pearson (some might say that's pretty good company). Former PMs Martin, Chretien, and Mulroney (I intentionally excluded Campbell and Clark since they reallly didn't serve long enough to have any legacy what-so-ever) don't rank in the top 10.

The only region in Canada where Harper doesn't rank in the top 10 is in BC. And, this is where the Conservatives should pay close attention, in Quebec Harper ranks as #3 (just behind PET). Heck, Harper only comes in at #7 in Alberta.

Let's just say I [too] felt disappointed with regards to P.E.T's #1 ranking, but I won't get into that right now as I found a few other things interesting about the overall rankings, specifically the Atlantic Canada rankings. First of all, how on earth did Celine Dion finish sixth amongst Atlantic Canadians? I can see the argument behind her finishing first in La Belle Province (which she did), but one would think that same regional mentality would have propelled Anne Murray past Dion in Atlantic Canada, no? I guess the only explanation I can figure is that Ipsos must have called all fifty maritimers that like Celine. Other then that, I really don't think she is deserved of a top 20 ranking in our neck of the woods, let alone a top ten ranking.

Furthermore, though I was quite impressed with Harper's #7 ranking, I found it a bit curious since I suspect there are many that still haven't forgiven him for his 2002 comments. In other words, he still has a lot to prove to Atlantic Canadians in the next few years before he merits that kind of ranking. That being said, I was very pleased to see Terry Fox, Wayne Gretzky, Sir John A. and Anne Murray on the list as they are all iconic Canadian figures (even with Atl. Canadians). Too bad the "Canadian Soldier" didn't make the cut as they sacrifice so much.


At Jul 1, 2008, 1:56:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny Chretien and Martin aren't on there. I guess the 13 years they were in were in power really was a time of drift for the country.

At Jul 1, 2008, 2:00:00 PM , Anonymous bill said...

I suspect there are more that like PET in NB then there are in NL and NS.

At Jul 1, 2008, 3:25:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just watched Shawn Graham on CPAC giving his Canada Day address on the Province of New Brunswick.
He painted a pretty rosie picture of a province that is down and out and has no real planning to become self sufficient. Some things that bothered me were:
1.The Environment- he claims that NB has some of the best policies in the world and is cutting carbon emissions through industry becoming more efficient. Sure they are I would like to see the proof that Irving is reducing its carbon emissions without cash incentives or tax breaks.
2. Education- He has the guts to thank his former Premier McKenna for bring in Kindergarten. I think that he should have thanked the "women kindergarten teachers" that were only given a partial salary to teach but needed all the university education. And he said that now children will be identified and labeled before entering school. Shame on the NB schools, once you label a student they are proven to have very little academic sucess.
3. Economy- he talked about lowering corporate taxes, yes the Irvings need another tax break. And somehow he claimed that the liberals were giving tax cuts so that people could keep more of their hard earned money. He failed to mention that NB has the worst personal income tax rates in Canada.
4.Tourism- ah yes people really want to come to our province and spend when our taxes are way to high and all you see is a super highway and Irving stops. Maybe Ontarions and Westerners should drive from Edmonston through to Moncton to see where the transfer payments were spent on a Highway that bypasses all the interesting parts of the central province. I get the same comment from all my friends and family in Ontario or the West that the new Highway system really gets them to the Confederation bridge quickly, another failed McKenna Project.
4. Health Care- Premier Graham mentioned how letting Pharmacists write prescribtions is going to let up on the doctor's to concentrate on sick people. We in rural N.B. had our hospitals stripped by the McKenna liberals because they were too costly so we have to travel to see a doctor but now the liberals want to reopen some medical services in rurals areas while cutting corpoate taxes, income taxes and saving the environment.
What a load of Bull. These Liberals are similar to the McKenna Liberals in that they can fool stupid people into believing in their crap like becoming self sufficient and cutting of from Ottawa transfers. In another 10-15 years the next liberals will be saying the same crap.

At Jul 1, 2008, 4:04:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's almost as bad as Jack Keir claiming his government and province champion a free market approach. PLeeeessse. Although, that wasn't quite as bad as Dave Campbell claiming he's a small c conservative. These guys are so used to duping the public, they think they can basically say anything.

What a joke.

At Jul 1, 2008, 6:33:00 PM , Blogger Kit said...

Funny, Did Shawn forget to thank the stellar work Lamrock has done in alienating half the province?


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