Monday, July 28, 2008

Canada: a tax friendly environment?

This has to be encouraging news for the feds. Now, if only Shawn G and co. can do something about the regressive personal income taxes and the Small Business Corporate Income Tax Rate.

Doing the policy dirty work, getting no electoral credit

It's quite ironic that the three Canadian cities that are ranked in the top 10 (for having a competitive tax advantage over their global counterparts) are Vancouver - 4th, Montreal - 6th and Toronto - 7th.

All cities that the federal Tories have helped along with their excellent tax policies, but can't seem to breakthrough in --- electorally.

Let me tell you, if I were Harper's communications director, I'd start letting local candidates better sell the positive aspects of their economic policies (as a primary message) to their local constituencies instead of controlling the message too much insofar as to avoid bad press. Come on, lower taxes (both personal and corporate) is an easy sell, especially when your opponent is selling higher ones sprinkled with side deals that benefit his party in favorable jurisdictions.

I mean, it's better then the perceived current alternative which hasn't budged the polls in your favour one bit for months, right? Anyway, I guess only time will tell if the tories' new math and strategic sell job will "truly" include all areas of the 905, 416, 514, 604 and 778.

It has to, if they want to increase their odds at forming a majority.

Born free. Taxed to death

Speaking of high taxes, bloated gas prices and outrageous text messaging fees, it would seem that a majority of Canadians have a common pent-up anger about them, which btw, supposedly unites us.


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